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Welcome to LEGALtrans!

My services as a certified translator:



Technical translations into German:
•  from English
•  from Swedish (also with certification)
•  from Spanish (also with certification)


Specialty area: Law and Economy

I am a technically certified translator, lawyer, and merchant in Hamburg. As such, I am optimally qualified for the translation of your contracts, correspondences, court decisions, records, testaments and other texts of a legal or economic nature. All translation orders shall be conducted with greatest of diligence and a strict adherence to all deadlines and cost estimations. I am a member of the translators' associations BDÜ (Germany) and SFÖ (Sweden).


The completion of orders with the highest of quality standards is ensured by:

  • proofreading conducted by a similarly qualified translation colleague
  • the use of modern translation-help software (Trados and Multiterm, which ensure terminological consistency)
  • internet-supported terminology research and if necessary, usage of a competent network of hundreds of translation colleagues
  • compliance with the mother-tongue principle (optimal translation achievement through translations solely made into the native language)
  • formatting oriented optimally according to the initial text.

Should I be contracted to carry out a translation order from German into one of the offered non-native languages, I would have this work conducted by a native-language translator with the same level of qualification as myself, whose work meets the same standards of quality.

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As a result (see www.trans-text.de), the accurate transmittance of your texts using the highest of German lingual standards is not simply a minimum standard, but rather a matter of due course.