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Translator for legal texts into German
Dirk Lübbers – State certified translator

Dirk Lübbers - state certified translator from Hamburg

Dirk Lübbers

Some details about me: I am a fully qualified lawyer and a certified translator. I am a sworn translator for Spanish at the regional court of Hannover and a sworn translator of both English and Swedish at Innenbehörde at City of Hamburg. My mother tongue is German.

Before studying law I first became a shipbroker, working with a major shipbroker company which operates in tramp shipping. In shipping the working language is English, due to the internationality of business relations. During that apprenticeship I became business fluent in shipping English and in 2019 I took the state exam as a translator for English. I acquired my knowledge of Swedish in a similar way. After studying Swedish at the University of Hamburg, I completed a 4-months traineeship with a swedish shipping company in Norrköping and became fluent spoken and written in Swedish, not at least due to personal relationships. In 2009 I took the state exam as a translator for Swedish.

After becoming a shipbroker, I studied law and worked for several years as a lawyer. In my studies and practical trainings I put the main emphasis on commercial law, law of the Sea and maritime trade law. During two practical trainings of four months each in South America with law firms I acquired profound knowledge of the spanish legal terminology.

Besides that I completed sucessfully studies of spanish legal terminology during five terms at the University of Hamburg. Due to longyears' standing use, I am fluent in Spanish spoken and written. Early in 2003 I took took the translator's exam before the Chamber of Commerce in Düsseldorf with good result ("B"). As a freelance translator I have been working for law firms, agencies and individuals.

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