• LEGALtrans - Translator for legal texts into German - Dirk Lübbers, state certified translator, Hamburg

Translator for legal texts into German
Dirk Lübbers – State certified translator

Dirk Lübbers - state certified translator from Hamburg

Terms of service – Assignments

In order to guarantee my clients the highest of quality, I follow the mother-tongue principle: I only translate Spanish/ Swedish/ English into my mother tongue, which is German.

When asking me to provide you with an offer per email or telefax, please state as exactly as possible what the subject of the text is, what sort of people are going to use the translation, the magnitude of the source text, and the deadline. Please add the source text or at least several pages thereof so that I can assess an individual offer for you.

Normally - as is usually the case in Germany – my prices are set according to per line of 55 characters including spaces. However, upon request, I will be happy to establish an offer which is based per word/1000 words, which is then always the base of estimation for the target text. I would then send you the invoice along with the translation.

All translation assignments will be conducted with the greatest care. Correspondingly, my translation work also includes information and terminology research as well as proofreading. Therefore, the timing for the deadline of an assignment should not be too tight!

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